11 resources to help you learn more about marketing

marketing resources to expand your learning

Keeping on top of the latest trends in the digital landscape can be exhausting. It’s even more exhausting when you’re a small business owner perhaps who has little resource. Trying to run your business whilst juggling marketing your business is difficult.

So how can you keep on top of the latest trends? Where can you go for the most up-to-date information?

I’ve gathered a few resources I think are worth bookmarking and glancing at every so often. Not only are these resources filled with the latest news potentially impacting your business, but they offer some great tips helping you generate new ideas to market your business.

Learn more about social media

Hootsuite blog –

Hootsuite’s blog is full of tips surrounding engaging your social audience and how to grow your social audience. The blog also gives you up-to-date information on social channels and trend changes that could affect your business.

Sprout Social –

Similar to Hootsuite, the blog from Sprout Social can give you an in-depth insight into the world of social media. It’s important you understand how to leverage your channels to reap the benefits. This blog will help you do that!

Social Media Examiner –

A great resource filled with news, articles and an abundance of tips and advice for any small business.

Learn more about content marketing

Quicksprout –

A blog by content marketer Neil Patel, Quicksprout is a marketing resource packed full of innovative and dynamic marketing tips for any small business owner to try out. From helping you build your email lists to giving you new ways to generate a high volume of leads for your business.

HubSpot –

A champion of inbound marketing, HubSpot share their own in-depth research reports, easy-to-read blog posts around all kinds of topics perfectly suited to the small business owner and a variety of templates and downloadable marketing resources.

Inbound –

A free platform filled with a community of over 170,000 marketers, Inbound is a great place to learn about inbound marketing. This platform shares some of the best marketing articles to help you shape and refine your business’s marketing strategy.

Learn more about marketing in general

Duct Tape Marketing –

Covering all aspects of digital marketing, this blog is perfect if you’re looking for new ways to market your business.

Small Business –

As its name suggests, this site is geared toward small businesses! This site gives great advice from financial advice to local marketing tips and other cost-effective marketing tips.

Startups –

Perfect if you’re a new business. This site shares tips and advice for new businesses. Advice includes logo design, how to start marketing your business and a wide range of other helpful topics.

Think with Google –

This resource from Google is great for staying on top of general digital industry trends. Whether it’s learning about shopping insights or Google Trends, this is a site to bookmark and visit again and again.

Lynda  –

Lynda is a brilliant online learning platform. It is subscription-based but if you’re looking to learn more about digital marketing tactics and build on your existing knowledge of marketing, it’s worth signing up. Select and follow full course pathways or, if you’re short on time, simply watch a few quick videos to top up your knowledge.

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