Expand your digital marketing knowledge with these 3 resources

learn with digital garage by Google

Learning doesn’t have to cost money – there are many great resources online that won’t cost you anything – apart from your time.

So, if you want to learn more about digital marketing, keep reading…

Whether you’ve just set up your online business or you just want to top up your digital marketing knowledge, there are many great, free, resources online that you can go to to learn all about the different aspects of digital marketing tactics.

Learning how Google, for example, finds and indexes your site is useful information to know when you’re just starting out on your digital journey.

I’ve gathered some resources you can try out and bookmark on your browser. Even just watching one video a week can help you understand more about how to get the best out of your website and how to build and strengthen your online presence.

The Moz blog

You can sign up for Moz for free. They have an abundance of free tools such as the Open Site Explorer – but one of the best sections and the most interesting is their blog. Navigating to their blog page you can choose to read a whole host of blog posts, or, clicking on their ‘learn SEO’ tab, takes you to a portal filled with useful guides from beginner guides covering topics such as SEO, social media and link building. You can also view their ‘Mozinars’ – an archive of videos to help you learn how to track your marketing through Google Analytics, to using email marketing effectively and much more!

Sign up for Moz here.

Digital Garage

This free online platform from Google enables you to develop your digital skill set which will, in turn, help you, build your online business. The Digital Garage lessons cover the basics, from how Google finds your site, and how you can optimise your website for organic search, to helping you understand Google Analytics and how to get started using paid advertising.

This resource is perfect for anyone who wants to learn, from scratch, how to get the most out of Google’s products.

Sign up for Digital Garage here.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing software and not only has both a marketing and a sales blog, filled with useful and thought-provoking blog posts to better your online business – but they also have a selection of free online courses available to users. Whether you want to learn more about inbound marketing and how you can utilise these strategies in your business, or you want to learn more about content marketing or email marketing, HubSpot enables you to expand your knowledge on these subjects.

You can learn through their video lessons and, once you’ve completed the course material, you can take their test and proudly display your certifications on your LinkedIn profile!

Sign up for the HubSpot academy here.

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