How will a consultation help your business?

A consultation can help you get your small business thinking in a new way; sometimes you just need some pointers about why your social media strategy isn’t as impactful as you want it to be, or maybe you’re wondering why people aren’t visiting your blog and your website?

So what can I offer you?

I offer both 30-minute and 1-hour long consultations; either in person, over Skype or just over the phone.

I can create a bespoke marketing idea report, inside you’ll find areas you need to improve on, a comparison to what your competitors are doing differently and ideas surrounding exactly how you can go about boosting your online presence with content marketing

If you’re in need of some training or advice, I can deliver this in a consultation call or meeting. From getting started with Google Analytics to understanding WordPress, let me know what you’re stuck with and I’ll see if I can help

Who are consultations for?

Content marketing consultations are perfect for both start-up businesses and small, established businesses.

A great alternative to monthly retainer fees – just a one-off payment to help give you the inspiration to change your content marketing tactics for the better and start seeing the results you so desperately want!! I am also available for day-long consultations or longer. It’s best to start off with a shorter consultation so I can understand your goals and map out a solution from there.