The importance of creating authentic content

the importance of creating authentic content

How many times have you seen the title of an email and made the decision to delete it because it looked too sales-led and potentially spammy? This is similar to the thought process your audience will go through when they notice that all you’re doing throughout your content is trying to stuff the most keywords possible into your content, or just outwardly pushing your products or services; almost like a constant sales pitch.

If you scroll through your past blog posts now, are they all related to selling your audience something? If at the end of each post you’re saying ‘buy my product’, it gets tedious. Sure, there are times where pushing a sales promotion toward the audience is relevant, for example, on your service pages, perhaps a ‘get in touch for a demo’ call-to-action is appropriate but when it comes to your content, you need to keep it informative and authentic.

Why? Here are a few reasons why you need to focus your strategy on creating authentic content for your audience.

It makes your content more searchable

Natural, high-quality content is actually better for your search-ability as a brand than those brands who solely keyword stuff their content. If you’re creating content around questions you know your customers are searching Google for, there’s more chance your content will get ranked for those user search queries. Writing for the search engine is an outdated and incorrect method of gaining exposure through the search engines. Google focuses on high-quality and relevant content when looking for results to show each user. Focus on writing for your specific audience and it’ll pay off.

It makes you a trustworthy source for information

As you begin to roll out your content marketing strategy your brand becomes synonymous with quality and interesting content, after persevering with your content marketing efforts, you’ll start to notice your returning users increasing through your Google Analytics platform. A higher number of returning users means your brand is starting to develop a memorable and authoritative presence online.

You can create a social community

Creating authentic content doesn’t just stop at your blog and on-site content, you need to extend this strategy through to all your other marketing channels, particularly social media. It’s called social media for a reason; your brand needs to be socially active – and authentically so. If you’re churning out content for the sake of it, you’re not really making the effort to interact and engage your audience.

Understanding who your audience is made up of, what they like and how they like to consume content, is valuable information you can use to inform your digital strategies going forward.

You can’t create engaging authentic content that performs well if you don’t understand your audience – it really is the key to success online.

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