3 tips to ensure your emails don’t get ignored!

make sure your email doesnt get ignored

Email marketing is still one of the strongest channels for return on investment (ROI), in fact, in a study conducted by Econsultancy last year published in their Email Marketing Industry Census 2016, three-quarters of companies agreed that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI.

So how can you ensure your emails don’t get ignored?

Personalise your email subject line

Most email software now enables its sender to personalise the email subject lines with first names or company names. HubSpot conducted an experiment in 2014 and found that subject lines that contained personalisation had higher click-through rates than email without personalisation. It also helps if you include the words “thank you” in your subject line, too; according to Adestra, these emails have the highest above-average engagement levels.

Review your email performance

Reviewing the performance of your email marketing can help you improve your strategy. Without monitoring the performance of your email marketing campaigns you won’t understand what content isn’t working and which tactics are generating the best results. Email marketing, as with most marketing, relies heavily on trial and error. A/B testing is a standard feature built into many email marketing software, so take advantage of this and start testing your tactics and adjust your strategy go forward accordingly.

Send emails that require an action

Sending emails ‘just because’ is pointless and a waste of resources. If you don’t have a purpose for sending the email, then don’t bother. Only send emails including a clear action for the recipient to take, whether it’s a follow-up email from a download including a link to the downloaded item, or an email to let them know about a new product you know they’ll be interested in, always encourage the user to complete an action that will help pull them further into your marketing funnel, closer to making that sale or signing up for your services.

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